Patrick Lopez


Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Patrick Lopez is graduated with an engineering degree of Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Supelec). He joined Technicolor (formerly Thomson) in 1990 as research engineer in digital modulation domain. He worked in digital modulation and was in charge of the development of the PHY layer for two ASICs.

Since 2004, he has been working in the field of video compression, applied to professional camera applications.

He is now involved in the specification of 3DTV delivery format and works in closed cooperation with MPEG 3DV standardization body.

Research interests:

Video Compression (MPEG MVC, MfC, 3DV, JCT-VC)


Development of encoder/decoder for 3DTV format
Compression inside cameras : optimization of JPEG2000 encoder ; low complexity video preprocessing in front of JPEG2000 encoder
Digital modulation : development of specific algorithms for synchronization/equalization of DVB-C and WiFi signal reception


More than 30 Patents in the field of Video Coding and Digital Modulation.

List of achievements:

Technology transfer to Camera Business Unit of compression algorithm for wireless camera (2007)
Technology transfer to Camera Business Unit of compression algorithm for Infinity camcorder (2005)
PHY layer achievement of DVB-C receiver ASIC and IEEE802.11a-b-g ASIC (1998 and 2002)

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