Patrick Morvan


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What's new:

Contribute to setup funding project 4EVER (new video format - Ultra HDTV).

Short Bio:

I am a researcher at Technicolor Research & Innovation France.  I  received my Electronic Engineering diploma from Polytech' Nantes (France) in 1989. I joined Thomson/Technicolor Research Labs in Rennes in 1990.

I was involved in several French collaborative projects (CriSTel, FuturIm@ges) or European research programs (DISTIMA - LCOS4LCOS) aiming at developing innovative capture and  rendering systems for broadcast TV. 

From 2006 to present, I have developed software and tools to improve color rendering for various applications (anti-camcorder, Film Look, color gamut expansion/compression).

Research interests:

My main research area covers image processing (filtering, gamut mapping), color science (color observer categories), color management (display/camera characterization model, calibration).

In the past I was technical advisor in Flat Panel Display processing.


I am involved in projects aiming at developing future video format such as Ultra High Definition (UHDTV 4k, 8k), High Dynamic Range(HDR) or Extended Color Gamut (ECG).

List of achievements:

Prototypes shown in exhibitions:

  • Prototype of first slim projector “TURBO” shown at CES 2005
  • Prototype of the first LED illuminated micro display rear projector shown at IFA Berlin 2005
  • Prototype of full HDTV LCOS display for camera viewfinder shown at SID  2006
  • Demonstration of content color adaptation on heterogeneous displays shown at INNOV8-2011 and at CES 2012

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