Paul Kerbiriou


Immersive Lab Researchers

What's new:

Successful demo at Technicolor's Science & Technology Week 2012.

Short Bio:

After obtaining a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) in Biomedical engineering from the University of Technology of Compi├Ęgne (UTC) in 1985, I worked for the Caption Company (Telmat Group) in the 3D graphics domain in which I played the role of system architect (hardware & software).

I have joined Technicolor R&D France (formerly Thomson R&D France) in 1999 to bring my expertise in multimedia system architecture for MPEG-4 Systems applications development. I am currently working on cinema content acquisition technologies including stereo and depth signal acquisition.

All along my career, I have been involved in french and european collaborative projects, the most recently one being 3D4YOU.

Research interests:

  • Computer Vision & Graphics
  • Signal processing and video coding
  • System architectures.


Project manager

  •     MPEG-4 Systems - Multimedia streaming
  •     Video streaming over IP
  •     HDTV encoder (support to Grass Valley)

Research engineer

  • 3DTV coding algorithms (disparity map transmission)
  • Video content acquition with trifocal camera rig + depth sensor

Involved in several European and French collaborative projects.


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