Philippe de Lagrange


Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Philippe de Lagrange is a video compression researcher at Technicolor since March2017, working on post-HEVC codec.

He received his Engineer degree in electrical engineering from INSA Rennes in1999, andwas in NEC central research labs in Japan for his graduating project. He has interests in both algorithmic challenges and low-level design.

He first worked on various signal processing topics: Galileo satellite positioning (Thales Navigation, Nantes, 2000-2001), Software radio (Mitsubishi research lab, Rennes, 2001-2005), then moved to video, starting with H264 encoding (Envivio, 2005), and video decoders (Technicolor, 2005-2011).

From 2011 to 2016, he was with Thomson Video Networks, contributing to performance improvement of the EM4000 video coder -the best in its class, that broadcasts DTT in France (and in many other places).

Late 2016, he was back to Technicolor to work on HDR for mobiles.

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