Philippe Guillotel

Distinguished Scientist

Immersive Lab Researchers

What's new:

Opened Positions:
Senior Researchers (CDI) in Video Compression, Virtual Reality, Computer Vision.
PhD Position on Tangible Interfaces for Virtual Objects Manipulation and Movie Production with INRIA.
PhD Position on Locomotion Techniques and User Embodiment in VR with Anatole Lecuyer (INRIA).
Internship "Big Data Coding using Machine Learning and Patch Manifolds".
Internship "Design of a Tangible System for Virtual Object Creation in CGI".
Internship "Development of an Android Application for Live Events Animation".

Short Bio:

Since 1989 I am working with Technicolor Research & Innovation (Formely Thomson Research). I am currently part of the Rennes Lab, France focusing on Video Compression (2D and 3D), Human Perception technologies (vision and touch), User Experiences and User's information sensing. I am graduated from the University of Rennes I with a Ph.D. in 2012 and a M.S. degree in 1986, from the ENST-Br with a Dipl.-Ing. degree in 1988.

From 2008 to 2012, I was Lab manager for the Video Processing & Perception research Lab. (36 people, 6 PhD, 2 post-doc, 11 Interns). During these years, I have been in charge of several research projects and teams (4 to 6 people), including also relationship with our business division, but also academics (INRIA, IRISA, Rennes University, Ecole Centrale de Lyon) and industrial research labs through collaborative projects and interns (PhD, master ...). I have also been involved in several European & French collaborative projects such as EUREKA95 (HDMAC), RACE dTTb (digital transmissions), ACTS HAMLET (MPEG2), ESPRIT/ROXY (Internet multicast), IST/Ozone (Ambient Intelligence), ITEA/HD4U (HDTV digital TV). Being Project leader for the RNRT/VISI (video over IP) project, and workpackage leader of the most recent FUI/FuturIm@ges (Future Image formats, 2D/3D) project. I was also member of a number of standards organizations such as MPEG, AFNOR, DVB and some groups (GdR-ISIS, Pôle de compétitivité "images & réseaux").

Since 2010, I am distinguished Scientist at Technicolor Research and Innovation - New Users Experiences & Interfaces, Autonomous Scenes Capture & Modeling, Video Processing & Coding.

Research interests:

Image Processing, Video Compression, Video Streaming over the Internet, Human Perception, Human Sensing and Physiological signals, Man-Machine Interfaces, Interactivity, Haptics, Autonomous Cameras, Robotics.


Main publications since 2012. More references from Google Scholar or ResearchGate. 


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I have worked for Technicolor Research Labs in the following areas:

  • Research on Video Processing, Content Representation & Coding. With a special focus on MPEG standards (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and extensions, HEVC). I have contributed to the specification and development of our business divisions products such as real-time video encoders, taking into account implementation constraints (hardware, software and IC). Those encoders have been recognized as worlwide most efficient broadcast encoders (with several awards). Research areas includes also content format representation for new formats (UHD, HDR, 3D,...), new coding schemes and paradigms (epitome, non-local predictions, learning, advanced scenes models), adaptive encoding schemes and perceptual coding.
  • Haptic Interfaces for Multimedia Entertainement. We are conducting research on new interfaces and interactivity to provide the user with new and immersive experiences.
  • Human vision modeling and especially saliency map computation, subjective video quality metrics and re-framing applications. The Technicolor saliency computation model is published in several journal papers.
  • Video Streaming over Internet and other distribution systems (based on MPEG-2 TS and IP protocols). I have been active in the writing of the DVB specification for the deploiement of the Digital Terrestrial Television in Europe. I have studied adaptive video streaming over IP networks in 1998-2000, using scalable video coding approaches and modified RTP protocols.
  • Digital modulation & error protection for robust delivery of video. I made some work in this area that lead to the development of joint source channel coding schemes.

I am focusing now on next generation Video Content Representation & Coding, Human Factors (Perception, Vision, Emotion), Immersive Experience and New Man-Machine Interfaces to improve the user experience, Autonomous Scene Capture & Modeling (Robotics, AI).