Philippe Schmouker


Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Short Bio:

I was awarder a PhD in Computing Science - Doctorat de l’Université de Rennes I - in 1991, "Parallelization of a ray-tracing algorithm on a multi-processors machine". I am currently Work Package Leader at Technicolor.

I have been acting for more than 20 years first as a scientific and technical contributor, then as a Work Package leader and company representative within many funded projects or programs:

  • Prometeus (European specific funding, 1991-1993);
  • Mona Lisa (IST, 1995-1997);
  • Domus Videum (ANR, 2002-2003);
  • aceMedia (IST FP6, 2004-2005 WP Leader & Company representative at Steering Board);
  • PELOPS (ITEA-2, 2005-2007, WP Leader);
  • QUAERO (French Program/Oséo, 2008-2013, WP Leader of project PVAA++ & Company representative).

During all these years I have been contributing to or organizing the collaboration with different partners coming from academic as well as industry worlds.

Due to these activities at Technicolor (formerly named Thomson), I have been involved in many different scientific and technical domains: computer graphics and algorithms parallelization, embedded software and real time operating systems, media transport and decoding (e.g. MPEG-2) and media processing. Since mid of 2011 I have been acting as the leader of research group working on “Crowd Sourced Metadata and Social Media” within Technicolor Research & Innovation entity. These activities have led also to the filing of currently 35 national, regional or wolrdwide patents.


Research interests:

I'm currently leading the activity of extracting metadata from "what the crowd says" about media on the Web. We aim to enrich the description of the discussed content, synchronizing as finely as possible these metadata with the content timeline.



Quaero - currently WP.5 Leader of PVAA++ application project


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