Pierre (Pete) Routhier

Vice President of Global 3D Strategy

Industry Experts

As Vice President of Global 3D Strategy for Technicolor, Pete leads the company’s charter for 3D and connecting Technicolor’s global efforts in 3D research, production, and post production.


Following a 10‐year career in aeronautical engineering, Pete spent the last twelve years pioneering hardware, software and workflow solutions to support the digital 3D revolution. He directed stereoscopy on the first major 3D HD broadcast (NBC’s Medium 3D), authored dozens of 3D projects and designed some of the very first multi‐camera 3D shows like X Games 3D.  Pete also developed several innovative solutions for stereoscopic production, 2D to 3D conversion, and stereoscopic post production, many of which are patented or patent pending.


Realizing that the long-term success of 3D depends on being able to consistently produce high-quality content, Pete also developed: the Technicolor Certifi3D program, a science‐based 3D Quality Control solution; and the Technicolor 3DMaster Class, a program that teaches filmmakers the scientific foundations required to achieve cinematic excellence in 3D.


In recognition of his combination of scientific knowledge, hands‐on expertise, and ongoing research, Pete was awarded the distinction of being a Technicolor Fellow, the company’s most prestigious designation for its experts worldwide.


Recent Credits:

  • Cochemare (2013) – Stereoscopic Advisor
  • The Legend of Sarila (2013) – Stereoscopic Supervisor
  • Le Magasin Des Suicides (2012) – Stereoscopic Supervisor
  • How It’s Made 3D (2012-2013) – Stereoscopic Advisor
  • The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven (2012) – Effects Director
  • X Games 3D: The Movie (2009) – Director of Stereoscopy


Publications and Appearances :

  • Successfully adapting stereoscopic content to the home. IBC (2012)
  • Keynote speaker at the PixelHub new media conference, Montreal (2012)
  • Panelist at the Hollywood 3D Entertainment Summit (2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Speaker at the special Guest Screening of The Monkey King, Academy of Motion
  • Picture Arts and Sciences (2012)
  • Speaker at Dimension 3, Europe’s 3D and new media conference (2012)


Recent Honors

  • Technicolor Fellow Award for expertise in the field of stereoscopy (2012)
  • Communications Technology Platinum Award for the design of the Certifi3D 3D QC system (2011)

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