Randy Perry

On-set/Video Colorist

Technicolor Toronto Colorists

Meet Randy Perry, On-set/Video Colorist at Technicolor Toronto.

Randy is a commercial dailies and on-set colorist who finds artistic inspiration in nature and who admires the legacy of the inspirational Terry Fox.  He appreciates the subtleties of using the sharpening effect for his work, and likes to stay on top of the newest developments in on-set color correction.  He recently completed work on Tim Hortons and RBC Olympic spots for Technicolor.

Some of the best professional advice Randy ever received was to “move as you mean to go forward.”  This philosophy no doubt motivates him in his contributions to Technicolor’s reputation as the first option on commercial sets for DMT/color correction services. 

Randy’s favorite film is Apocalypse Now, while one of his favorite characters is Jason Bourne.  When not at work, Randy relishes being a dad, spending time with his family, and keeping track of all the prospect information leading up to the NHL draft.

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