Rémi Houdaille


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After graduating as an engineer from École Polytechnique in 1984 and École Nationale Supérieure des Télécoms in 1986, Rémi Houdaille started his career in the field of advanced software engineering, both developping CASE tools and being a consultant on development methods and man-machine interfaces. In 1997 he moved to the telephone industry (ATT/Lucent Technologies), where he acted as chief architect on the software of a small PABX, re-designing it entirely towards object-oriented C++ and bringing innovative end user concepts.

After a one-year interlude in a start-up in 2001, he joined Technicolor in 2002. He has been working there successively in the fields of video compression (H264), IPTV (DVB), personal mobile assistant, OTT video streaming (MPEG-DASH), virtual CPEs, and high-quality immersive content. In addition to the internal projects, he was involved in European funded projects, and standardization.

As an architect, he focuses on system aspects, with video streaming being a recurring topic.

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