Renaud Doré


Immersive Lab Researchers

Renaud graduated from Ecole Centrale de Marseille (former ENSP) followed with a specialization grade in aerospatial electronics from ENSAE in 1987. He finally got a Master in Business Administration from IGR Rennes in 2009.  

Renaud has a long experience in technical management, as project leader and as technological evangelist in various international showcases. He worked first on digital communications for military satellite system at Alcatel Espace; his domain has been the wireless field and the video processing skills at Thomson research center and then Technicolor research center. Following the big emerging momentum around the immersive media, he now leads projects related to graphics engineering for immersive experience within Technicolor. 

Research Interests: 

Interest is all immersive technologies in general, with a specific focus as project leader on volumetric video for Virtual Reality. 


Renaud is inventor in more than 20 recent patent applications in previously mentioned fields and has more than 20 already granted patents. 

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