Stéphane Bergeron

Original Sound Mixer

Technicolor Montréal Sound Mixers

Stéphane Bergeron has racked up nearly twenty award nominations (Emmys, Genies, Geminis, Jutras and Gemeaux) winning an Emmy, a Genie and a Jutra for original sound mixing.  Over the last two decades, Stéphane has worked on more than 400 TV episodes and 50 films, including Polytechnique from the Oscar nominated director Denis Villeneuve, landmark director Nicolas Roeg’s Puffball and the multi-award winning children’s animation series Arthur.

His most recent projects include Quebec features productions’ All That You Possess, from director Bernard Émond; Wetlands, by Guy Édoin; and The Salesman, by Sébastien Pilot – nominated in the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.  Yet if you ask Stéphane to name his favorite film, his answer is always the same: “The one I’m working on right now!”

Excited by the current development of control surfaces – equipment that has revolutionized sound mixing – Stéphane still relies on his two favorite tools: Euphonix Solutions and his ears!

Stéphane continues to bring great enthusiasm to his profession. “With every project, the mixing stage becomes a temple to sound creation,” he says, “where the mixer and sound designer have only one goal: to help the director take the emotions he needs the audience to experience to the next level”.