Sylvain Lelièvre

Senior Engineer

Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Sylvain Lelièvre has been a Security R&D engineer at Content Management & User Experience lab since 1998.  He studied at Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (I.N.S.A.) in Rennes and obtained his Electronics and Computer engineer degree diploma in 1991.

He joined Technicolor in 1994 as an hardware engineer, working on the development of boards for video encoder/decoder devices.

He joined the security and content protection team in 1998 where he first worked on several projects around electronic commerce with a special focus on the usage of smart cards. He then worked on various content protection projects in charge of specifying and developing new solutions for content owner. He is currently working on the Content Armor™ project.

Since his arrival in the security team, he has been developping an expertise in the usage of hardware security modules : smart cards, RFID and contactless devices, TPM and secure processors.


"YesCard, entre mythe et réalité ou un aperçu du système bancaire français"
Marc Éluard and Sylvain Lelievre
MISC Magazine, Hors série no. 2, pp. 18-25, 2008

"SmartPRO: A smart card based digital content protection for professional workflow"
Alain Durand, Marc Éluard, Sylvain Lelievre, and Christophe Vincent
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"A Distributed Family Wallet Architecture"
YM Tang, A. Durand, C. Laurent, S. Lelievre

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