Thierry Borel


Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Thierry has been with Technicolor since 1987 when he started his career at Thomson.  Since then, he has developed several flat display technologies, managed the display lab, and coordinated various European Research projects (LCO4LCOS, OSIRIS).  From 2007 until 2008, Thierry was the Technology Development Manager in Technicolor’s Beijing lab, and in July 2008 he took the reins of a research project aimed at proposing end-to-end solutions for 3D TV and 3D Cinema workflows both with and without glasses.  Since April 2012, Thierry has been in charge of Europe and Asia Pacific (APAC) countries for Technicolor’s 3D Excellence Program.


Thierry’s research interests include display addressing schemes, video processing, 3DTV, and the 3D Digital Cinema Project.  Through his work for Technicolor, he provides 3D expertise to content producers and post-producers, and educates professionals about 3D opportunities and challenges. His research also focuses on developing new ways to implement scientific results into 3D workflows for cinema and TV and following up on 3D standardization activities.


Thierry is a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) as well as the standards bodies for DVB.  He is also chair of the 3D Transmission and Distribution Committee in 3D@Home/I3DS and a member of the Society for Information Display (SID) paper evaluation board.


Recent Publications:

  • “Use of a Dense Disparity Map to Enhance Quality of Experience Watching Stereoscopic 3D Content at Home on a Large TV Screen.” (SMPTE conference : June 2011 – SMPTE Article October 2012).
  •  “Cinéma, La conquête de la 3D”(Magazine :  Pour La Science,  No 416, June 2012).
  • “3D stereo rendering challenges and techniques” (Conference on Information, Science and System, CISS, 2010.
  • “3D intensity adjustment of a stereo content to improve Quality Of Experience” ( NEM Summit – Barcelona October 2010) (NAB 2011).


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