Tony Dustin

Digital Intermediate Colorist

Technicolor Los Angeles Colorists

Tony started out in the film industry working in the vault, where he caught a glimpse of colorists working and was immediately hooked. He was initially captivated by the tools, bright lights, and shiny buttons but after bugging the colorists with endless questions about the craft he knew he’d found his creative avenue into the filmmaking process.

Tony loves movies and the creative collaboration that goes on with directors and cinematographers. Working with directors Clint Eastwood, David O. Russell, Miguel Arteta, and the Wachowskis are among the highlights from his fourteen years at Technicolor.

Tony’s career has mostly been film focused. After being nominated in 2015 for an HPA award for outstanding color grading for television, he’s excited to expand into broadcast.

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  • 1 HPA nomination

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