Vincent Alleaume


Immersive Lab Researchers

Short Bio:

I started my professional career in 1993 with various activities related mainly to the data processing system of an insurance company (AXA). I obtained a Masters degree in computer science from Rouen University in 2006. In December 2005 I started working as a service provider for Thomson Corporate Research (now Technicolor Research & Innovation). I joined the company as a permanent researcher in April 2007.

Research interests:

Machine learning, gesture recognition, computer vision, network protocols.

List of achievements:

Recent activity has been related to the development of a gesture recognition system used to control a proof-of-concept Video On Demand application. That system, implemented in a Windows/C++ environment, combines simultaneous detection of hand(s) in various postures (open hand(s), closed fist(s)), an efficient tracking process and a simple but fast gesture recognition step.
Development of a Machine Learning environment (using boosting on Haar Features’ combination approach) : dedicated to the human face learning/detection. A related face detection client was implemented in Windows/C++. That environment was recently extended to help learning & detect other human body parts, such as eyes, open hands and closed fists, in a gesture recognition application.
WebTV service (server and client) using SIP/IMS network signaling : implemented in JAVA J2EE/J2SE on Windows/Linux operating systems and Windows mobiles phones.
File repair system for mobile devices in the context of wireless broadcast delivery (DVB-H) : implemented in C++ on Windows workstations and Windows Mobile 6.x phones.