As a creative technology company, Technicolor has long been involved with the way consumers perceive images. From the Technicolor 3-Strip Process to today’s amazing visual effects, we have been synonymous with extending the cinematic viewing experience to homes everywhere and on the go. HDR (Higher Dynamic Range) is the next generation of imaging technologies---expanding the color range showing deeper blacks and brighter whites to create a more immersive, cinematic, experience that faithfully recreates the artistic intent of the content creator. Find out answers to your HDR questions and more right here.

High Dynamic Range Explored

HDR Challenges & Opportunities for NSPs

Regardless of device or format, NSPs must deliver consistent and quality content experiences. In this webinar, we will discuss distribution efficiency, eliminating costly infrastructure upgrades, and other HDR challenges and opportunities.

The Evolution of Ultra High Definition

Ultra High Definition (UHD) video is defined not only by higher resolution but also by a range of characteristics that include higher dynamic range and a wider color gamut. This webinar explains these characteristics and associated standards, challenges in distribution efficiency and how it effects content distributors.​

Know the lingo behind HDR and learn about the technologies that bring the next generation of imaging to life

How Do I Tell Stories In HDR?

We’re glad you asked. Technicolor senior colorist Timothy Vincent along with Josh Limor walks you through how HDR rewrites “the rulebook” of storytelling.

What’s The Deal With HDR?

Hear from industry expert, Josh Limor, explaining exactly what HDR (High Dynamic Range) is and how it works.