Re-inventing the set-top-box experience

The growing popularity of streaming media, online gaming – along with the rapid emergence of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) services – has had a major impact on the role of CPE in meeting consumer requirements for connected home experiences. Consumers around the world expect the technology chain to deliver video everywhere throughout their home in a high-fidelity manner, without network congestion and frustration. They also expect solutions to simplify access to the vast amount of content available through popular OTT apps. Finally, they want to access a wide array of services that interact with an increasing number of connected devices. As a result, NSPs are evaluating STBs that are open and able to deliver more revenue-generating services in a seamless, intuitive and secure manner.


The most powerful set-top-box on the market

With JADE, Technicolor releases the most versatile and powerful STB in the market today. JADE is a 4K Ultra HD device containing next generation 16nm silicon and featuring the latest technology standards – such as Wi-Fi 6, AV1 decoding, and far-field voice – in a small and nice form factor. JADE, available for both Android TV and RDK-V, benefits from a powerful quad-core processor, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and an innovative stackable module enabling flexibility when introducing value-added services such as Home Assistant.


Wi-Fi 6 technology

JADE’s major innovation resides in Wi-Fi 6 capabilities and Technicolor’s innovative antenna design. Technicolor JADE’s ingenious, well-designed 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 system antenna can achieve zero packet loss when paired with a 4x4 Wi-Fi 5 gateway. It can achieve a similar level of performance as a typical 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 client, but at significantly lower cost. The Wi-Fi 6 technology that Technicolor has built into the STB gives Jade a 30 percent increase in coverage capacity for IPTV and streaming video compared to Wi-Fi 5.


Extending home Wi-Fi

Leveraging the EasyMesh standard, JADE becomes an access point that can work together with the main home gateway to form a unified network providing smart, efficient Wi-Fi and guaranteeing a smooth wireless experience over time. This makes it an invaluable asset for operators as they consider their wireless whole home coverage strategy.


Fostering conversational subscriber engagement

JADE comes with innovative stackable modules enabling flexibility in the introduction of value-added services such as the Google home assistant with far-field voice control – a feature critical today as it enables operators to deliver the most engaging user experience by providing hands-free search and content discovery as well as enriched Smart Home functionality.


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