VFX Plays Starring Role in A Series of Unfortunate Events

MR. X, a Technicolor company, provided an abundance of VFX for season two of the Netflix Original Series, including CG creatures and environments and a full CG takeover for one episode’s dramatic finale.

Technicolor Is Powering the Connected Home…and Its Future

Technicolor’s President of the EMEA region for Connected Home, Mercedes Pastor, shares her insights regarding the smart home environment.

Technicolor Launches Global VFX Academy

Technicolor announced the launch of the Technicolor Academy, a talent training and development based on the methodology and success of MPC Film’s four-year old program, MPC Academy.

Technicolor Assembles for Avengers: Infinity War

Technicolor VFX, Post-Production, and Marketing Services band together for the ultimate feature crossover event from Disney's Marvel Studios.

The Four Worlds Is A Journey of Visual and Sonic Splendor

Filmmaker Jonathan Zawada explores the creative potential of immersive media as an Artist-in-Residency at the TEC creating an immersive film featuring musician Mark Pritchard’s new project, The Four Worlds.

Technicolor Ups the Cinematic Animation and Sound in God of War

Technicolor Games continues to partner with top game developers who want to push the boundaries of gaming beyond the imagination into the immersive future



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