CSR Governance

"Now more than ever, Corporate Social Responsibility is a business imperative. The more successful companies are those that integrate societal, environmental and economic reflection in how they do business, thus reinforcing the links with all their stakeholders. At Technicolor we know it is in everyone's interest to contribute to the sustainability of the communities we serve and in which we operate." 
-Didier Huck, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Affairs

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is managed at the highest level within Technicolor.

CSR is formally represented at the Executive Committee level by the Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility, Fabienne Brunet, reporting directly to the CEO. Executive Committee members evaluate and authorize new company CSR initiatives, review progress and provide supervision in all related domains.

Reporting to the Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility, a Corporate Social Responsibility Department, headed by Didier Huck, Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility & Public Affairs, has been in existence since 2007. The CSR Department holds broad authority to propose and coordinate CSR policy implementation and operational deployment. The department benefits from strong senior management support as well as assistance from Technicolor's Human Resources, Sourcing, Environment, and Health & Safety networks.

Our Approach

The Technicolor approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability is founded upon our core values and our commitment to being: Diligent, Inventive, and Authentic. We strive to constantly challenge and improve established practices to guide us toward business success and to ensure that we act responsibly both on our own and as we establish and nurture partnerships with other stakeholders.

Three principles guide our actions as we seek to fulfill our social responsibilities:


1. Understand and Take into Account Stakeholders' Sustainability Expectations

We constantly seek to identify and respond to stakeholder interests. Technicolor is committed to following responsible policies and practices in the management of ethics, human rights, human resources, environmental, and health & safety interests as we provide quality products and services to our customers. These policies and practices also extend to our suppliers and subcontractors.

As we deliver advanced video services to content creators and distributors in the media and entertainment industry, we adhere to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the International Labor Organization (ILO). We are also a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (formerly EICC - Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) and have adopted its Code of Conduct within our global operations for Electronics and Information & Communications Technology. Throughout the Company, this translates into integrity in business principles and practices, continuous efforts to make more efficient use of natural resources and an ongoing drive for carbon neutrality. We encourage our suppliers to adopt the same sustainability values as those we support. We support our customers' sustainability efforts by developing improved generations of sustainable products and services.

Furthermore, Technicolor plays an active role in communities where it does business by encouraging educational initiatives and by supporting local community relationships and programs.


2. Communicate CSR Goals and Initiatives to Stakeholders

We pledge to deliver concrete, demonstrable proof of our social responsibility practices and achievements.

We provide facts and figures to give stakeholders the information they need to understand, analyze and compare our actions with those of similar organizations.

We follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines, a worldwide reporting framework on sustainability, to structure our economic, social and environmental reporting.


3. Take the Future into Account in Decision-Making

We are committed to progressively integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) data and criteria into business processes across the organization, to ensure that all decisions take CSR considerations into account. In this way, sustainability becomes part of how we do business.

As part of our commitment, we link product and service lifecycle impacts to their greater societal context, constantly striving to improve and bring benefit to all our stakeholders.


For more information on Corporate Social Responsibility, please refer to our CSR documentation below.

CSR Documentation

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