Who We Are

Technicolor Creative Studios is a creative technology company driven by one purpose: The realization of ambitious and extraordinary ideas. We inspire creative companies across the world to produce their most iconic work. Our award-winning teams of artists and technologists partner with the creative community across film, television, animation, gaming, brand experience and advertising to bring the universal art of storytelling to audiences everywhere.


What We Do

No idea is too ambitious for us to create to an incredibly high standard. Technicolor Creative Studios provides World Class production expertise in the following sectors:

Our Services

VFX: We work on the spectacular scenes and tiny details that make movies truly mind-blowing.

Animation: We provide end-to-end animation services, uniting industry-leading talent across our global network of creative studios and helping filmmakers define and develop their vision.

Brand experience: Partnering with agencies, production companies and brands, we solve tough creative challenges and bring visually stunning stories to life across linear and interactive media.

Our Markets

Film & Episodic

We deliver breath-taking world-class VFX, for feature films and high-concept episodic series, working with the world’s most imaginative storytellers to bring their vision to the screen.




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Delivering top-tier stylized animation and CGI services for the entertainment industry, across episodic and feature films, collaborating with filmmakers across the world to bring unforgettable animated stories to life.



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Technicolor Games

You don’t stay in the game this long without the talent and skills to push the boundaries of gaming further than anyone else can imagine. Creatively and technologically speaking, no one beats the Technicolor Games team when it comes to creating and delivering high-end content and immersive experiences with our partners in the gaming industry.


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Brand Experience & Advertising

Our studios provide award winning production services to global clients for advertising and immersive brand experiences.




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