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New Visualization Reel

Technicolor Pre-Production Services is delighted to bring you it’s latest Visualization reel. Born out of award-winning visual effects house MPC, our department brings over a decade of experience on blockbuster films and ground-breaking episodic entertainment. With a unique ability to seamlessly transition our work from foundational pre-production planning into our vfx finals pipeline, you can be sure that all creative decisions made early on will efficiently serve as a guide throughout production all the way to screen. Our world class artists are passionate about exploring, collaborating, and rapidly iterating creative ideas to best serve your story.

Select clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, Legendary, Sony, Apple and Paramount as well as internal brands Mr. X, MPC film, MPC episodic, and Mikros. Backed by Technicolor, a leading innovator in entertainment, we pride ourselves on bringing a boutique-style, individualized approach to each client from our Culver City studio, or in remote pop up teams wherever your production requires. If you’re looking for a start to finish production solution, we’d love to connect with you.

Visualizing your project – down to the inch

In the past, visualization involved outlining basic camera moves and deciding roughly what you plan to do on set. Today, working with Technicolor’s visualization department, you can plan precisely how to achieve your vision on set – down to the inch.

By partnering with you to help visually explore and design characters and environments, we provide the perfect sandbox for experimentation enabling you to breathe life into your story long before you hit the set. By helping you define lensing, set dimensions, asset placement, exact camera moves and even how much dolly track you’ll need, we help ensure nothing is left to chance in taking your story to the next level.

Today, you don’t need to be on a sound stage to harness the power of visualization. We can put together a commando crew and send them to wherever the director is. We can meet them, even in a small room, and collaborate and ideate with them around how best to achieve their vision – and in just a few days they’ll see it come to life.

Patrick Smith, Head of Visualization, Technicolor

Real-Time Production: Unleashing creative opportunities for filmmakers

At Technicolor Real-Time Production, we create stage-like digital environments to enable filmmakers to harness the creative opportunities made possible by virtual production in ways that feel entirely familiar. Through virtual reality, we make it possible to scout virtual locations, set up shots, and capture performances in camera as if they were being filmed on a live action stage. We enable filmmakers to place cameras, lights, dollies and other familiar equipment within the virtual environment while giving them real-world equivalents that closely emulate the tools they use every day. And, by enabling everyone on the shoot to see and react to things in real-time, gut-level, instinctual responses continue to drive instantaneous art choices in the digital world just as they would on a live action set.

Our Real-Time Virtual Production Platform: Technicolor Genesis

By harnessing the power of our real-time virtual production platform, Technicolor Genesis, to capture and track every decision you make throughout your project, we help ensure the look and feel you establish in pre-production carries all the way through the pipeline – staying true to your vision from project inception through final delivery.

By removing the need to recreate assets three, four, or five times, instead enabling them to evolve from the very basic to the almost finished, Technicolor Genesis drives efficiency and consistency throughout your project. By making it possible for assets to be brought back into game engine as needed, Technicolor Genesis enables changes to be made or additional footage to be shot at any stage of the filmmaking process – bridging the gap between traditional filmmaking and VFX to give storytellers unparalleled creative control.

Technicolor Genesis Virtual Production Workflow

By enabling a single integrated workflow from concept art through editorial, Technicolor Genesis is at the heart of how we make the transition from pre-production to final VFX as seamless as possible, while giving filmmakers more control over their project than ever before.




What we offer


  • Pitch-Vis
  • Look Dev
  • Previsualization
  • Tech Visualization
  • Post Visualization
  • Virtual Previs


  • On-set visualization
  • Lensing, performance and shot capture
  • SimulCam
  • VR tech scouting


  • Rough assembly on stage

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