Making better movies by staying true to your vision

Technicolor Virtual Production helps you perfect your vision in a digital environment long before you hit the set. From defining lensing, set dimensions and asset placement to planning exact camera moves, nothing is left to chance in taking your story to the next level.

By establishing what you want to achieve in the virtual environment you will be able to show your team your exact vision, in real-time, at the very start of the process. By tracking every decision you make throughout the project, you will ensure the look and feel you establish in pre-production will carry all the way through the pipeline – staying true to your vision from project inception through final delivery to help you make a better movie.

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Bringing the set experience to a virtual environment

At Technicolor Virtual Production, we create stage-like digital environments, populated by virtual equipment that precisely replicates its real-world counterparts, to enable you to experiment, make set adjustments, plan and perfect your shoot in ways that feel entirely familiar. And, by enabling you and your team to interact with digitally created objects and characters in real-time, we bring the full set experience into the digital realm, helping you make more informed creative decisions and putting you in the driver’s seat in telling your story.

Real Time Virtual Production

The Virtual Production Platform: Technicolor Genesis

Technicolor Genesis, a proprietary, multi-user, real-time collaborative VFX authoring and data tracking platform, is designed to give you complete creative control over your project by transforming what would otherwise be complicated streams of data into a cohesive, navigable and powerful project workflow.

By tracking everything about your project from the very beginning – every piece of concept art, every lens, every asset, every camera move, and beyond – Technicolor Genesis allows you to ensure your vision stays at the heart of the process from day one.

By removing the need to recreate assets three, four, or five times, instead enabling them to evolve from the very basic to the almost finished, Technicolor Genesis drives efficiency and consistency throughout your project. By making it possible for assets to be brought back into game engine as needed, Technicolor Genesis enables changes to be made or additional footage to be shot at any stage of the filmmaking process – bridging the gap between traditional filmmaking and VFX to give storytellers unparalleled flexibility and ultimate creative control.





Technicolor Genesis Virtual Production Workflow

By enabling a single integrated workflow from concept art through editorial, Technicolor Genesis is at the heart of how we make the transition from pre-production to final VFX as seamless as possible, while giving filmmakers more control over their project than ever before.


What we offer


  • Previs, technvis, postvis
  • Shot creation, layout and animation
  • Virtual tech scouting


  • Optical and Inertial
  • Virtual camera
  • Live performance camera


  • On-set visualization
  • Lensing, performance and shot capture
  • SimulCam
  • AR tech scouting (portable handhelp)


  • Rough assembly on stage


Contact us

For more information on how we can help your project stay true to your vision from start to finish, please contact:

Steffen Wild, Head of Virtual Production
Phone: (310) 36685-803236

Patrick Smith, Head of Visualization
Phone:(626) 48649-839559

Teri Bolke, Virtual Production Producer
Phone: (310) 52496-550800

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