Today, we live in a Wi-Fi enabled world. Billions of devices, from our phones to our refrigerators, are all trying to connect, all the time. Wi-Fi networks are clogged. One solution is to simply push for more coverage, but coverage without connectivity is meaningless. 



Delivering Multi-User Gigabit Services throughout the home 

For more than 20 years, Technicolor has demonstrated a proven first-to-market position on disruptive broadband technologies. Today, we are proud to deliver Wi-Fi XLTM, a superior whole home Wi-Fi solution combining the technicolor wireless expertise embedded in our new home gateways, extenders and set-top-boxes, with the latest Wi-Fi alliance technology standards and additional layers of innovative software for more advanced functionalities. 


Wi-FiXL overview


By combining several products, technologies and software Wi-Fi XLTM solves multiple pain points.  

First, it extends  Wi-Fi coverage to all corners of the home, transmitting the gigabit access-speeds that enter it.  

Second, it provides seamless roaming by integrating EasyMeshTM and guarantees a smooth experience over time through the use of an advanced advanced software tracking and solving wireless issues as they arise .

Lastly, it caters to the new reality of an ever-increasing amount of Wi-Fi users that have dedicated needs in terms of latency, bandwidth and priority (I.e. Audio and Video).

Wi-Fi XLTM enables optimized connectivity and seamless interactions for every user, every time and in every corner of their home. This means seamless Wi-Fi, without exception – reducing the number of calls to your helpdesk and driving increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

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