Ultra HD and HDR

Technicolor provides a wide range of powerful cost-effective non-DVR set-top boxes facilitating the deployment of the latest video services,  such as 4K and HDR over cable, satellite, or IPTV networks.

Making the Video Experience More Vivid at Home

Technicolor set-top boxes take full advantage of our Ultra HD expertise – from creation to distribution and consumption. The 4K video quality allows up to four times as much detail as 1080p full HD, as well as a smoother and more realistic reproduction of movement at 60 frame rate. 

Leveraging multiple processor providers, our platforms are future-proofed for high CPU demanding services, such as gaming and next-generation Android apps. Leveraging the latest home network technologies such as MoCA and HPNA,  Technicolor receivers are fully adapted to deliver multi-room services in a client/server architecture. 

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