Video streaming offers a game changing platform to deliver content and services to consumers, enabling open innovation to be applied across multiple platforms and powering faster deployment and scale. This next-generation technology enables service providers to offer superior customer experiences – from consumer-centric UX and optimized product design, to personalized content offerings. By working with Technicolor, service providers can ensure their content offerings stay at the cutting edge – from the ability to offer expanded choice, to the potential to aggregate and deliver new content experiences including virtual reality, augmented reality and beyond.

Empowered by next generation video delivery infrastructures, pay TV operators will be able to deliver a responsive and personalized experience across a variety of devices, accelerate time to market for new services, and create new revenue opportunities – all while reducing both capital and operational expenses. Technicolor has been integrating software and hardware successfully for 30 years on all access networks (cable, IPTV, satellite, terrestrial).

Below are some of the elements and benefits associated with this transition in home platforms:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Flexibility to differentiate
  • Continuous innovation
  • App and developer ecosystem
  • $0/royalty-free commercial source code license
  • Provides full transparency into the source code, allowing vendors to efficiently collaborate on the project
  • Facilitates new feature development on a personalized timeline
  • Provides innovation at the application and services layer
  • Frequent and robust releases, and tools to improve product development velocity
  • Applications that add value
  • Integrated, highly relevant search results and recommendations
  • A high level of personalization based on predicted behavior and user-provided details
  • Intuitive mobile experiences that are consistent and centered around the user
  • An enriched experience and more opportunities for engagement through comprehensive entertainment metadata
Frog by Wyplay
  • Immediately cost-effective
  • Premium user experience
  • Open-source to facilitate innovation
  • Portfolio of software solutions based on proven TV middleware already deployed

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