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Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

The 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (“CPSIA”), effective November 12, 2008, stipulates new testing, certification and other compliance requirements for manufactured goods deemed to be children’s products, toys or other such items imported or distributed in commerce that qualify as being subject to safety rules, bans, standards or regulations enforced by the Consumer Products Safety commission (“CPSC”). Though the CPSC has issued a stay with respect to certain testing and certification requirements, manufacturers and importers are still required to meet the lead and phthalates limits, mandatory toy standards and other requirements. Therefore, the Technicolor Home Entertainment Services conformity certificates can be viewed by clicking the tabs.

Also, Technicolor desires to be certain that customer supplied items that it packages or distributes with its products comply with the CPSIA. Therefore, effective immediately, it is vital that Technicolor is provided with a copy of the conformity certificate for any items to be included with Technicolor Home Entertainment Services’ products (“Premium Items”) for children’s titles and for any Premium Items that can be classified as a children’s product or children’s toy as defined by the CPSIA. Additional information regarding the CPSIA requirements can be found at Without such compliance certificates, Technicolor Home Entertainment Services will be unable to perform the requested manufacturing services. In addition, please note that CPSC-approved third party testing data must support the results indicated on the certificate and be available upon request.