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First collaboration between Mikros Animation and Technicolor Animation Productions


Technicolor Animation Productions Presents the High-Tech Adventures of Team DroniX

Team DroniX is produced by Technicolor Animation Productions, who teamed up with French public broadcaster France Télévisions and Gloob Brazil, a children’s entertainment channel created by Globosat. Technicolor Animation Productions is also working with master toy partner and drone manufacturer Silverlit, with PGS handling global distribution, licensing and merchandising activities.


Franck Michel & David Fauré


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Sandrine Nguyen, One of the Creators & Producer from Technicolor Animation Productions, oversees development and production of the show. Said Nguyen: “We’re thrilled to have leading broadcasters on board for our original new series. Team DroniX is much more than a show about drones. It has interesting, diverse characters, an elaborate universe, and a story that is sure to captivate boys and girls alike. And with drones hotter than ever, we can’t wait for kids to be introduced to this exciting new series.”

Here’s what some of the other key players had to say about working on Team DroniX.

Team DroniX combines an original universe, adventures with complex themes, without forgetting action and comedy, through its engaging characters. An ambitious mix that explores new horizons of the children’s TV series.” – Carine Néant, Creator & Writer from Technicolor Animation

“We purposely looked for a classical 2D approach into the 3D technique through the mise-en-scène, to build a series that we consider as non-classical in other ways…” – Franck Michel, Director from Technicolor Animation Productions

“Beyond the theme of drones, which provides an opening, our motivation was to create characters evolving in a universe of intrigue, suspense, spying and infiltration – with a real sense of adventure and a touch of humor.” – David Faure, Creator for Team DroniX & Co-Director/Artistic Director

“It’s been such a thrill bringing our heroes to life, imagining their joys and pains, building their friendships. And discovering their secrets is a wonderful human adventure with appealing characters, who exhibit the capabilities of an amazing drone, in both competitions and rescue missions!” – Isabelle Dinh Van Chi, Creator & Creative Producer

“We’re always looking for content that mixes adventure with other interesting elements, and Team DroniX is the perfect vehicle to offer boys and girls alike the chance to embark on thrilling adventures with Buck, Tim and Vicky – modern, diverse characters our audiences will care about and relate to – amidst the elaborate high-tech universe of drones.” – Pierre Siracusa, Director of Animation at France Télévisions, in Animation Magazine

“Drones are getting hotter than ever [and PGS looks forward to working on] defining a new kids’ franchise within the genre.” – Guillaume Soutter, President of PGS’s Hong Kong-based office, in Variety.

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