Technicolor’s Multi-Client Solutions (MCS) provides enterprise and commercial video solutions specifically focused on our customers’ commercial and business markets.

This includes equipment used to distribute satellite services to hotels, campuses, institutions, bars, restaurants, senior living facilities, healthcare, and other commercial applications. The COM3000 can be deployed as an IP or QAM distributed system depending on the facilities wiring infrastructure.

Currently, Technicolor MCS is the exclusive head-end supplier for DIRECTV’s Lodging & Institution business, providing the COM3000 solution for this market.

Technicolor MCS also offers satellite distribution solutions used by THALES to provide DIRECTV™ satellite content for In-Flight-Entertainment.

COM3000 solution

Technicolor, the world-wide leader in video technologies, presents the next generation COM3000 High-Definition satellite headend solution.  Designed specifically for hotels and similar installations where there is a need for a single wire solution for multiple televisions, the COM3000 system offers up to 138 HD channels per 3RU of rack space in a high density scalable solution for video distribution, while allowing individual TV channel selection.  The key components are:



The COM400 chassis is the foundation for the COM3000 system providing the housing, power supply, 10 GbE backplane, managed switch and cooling system required for the DIRECTV receiver blades and Edge QAMs.



The COM51 receiver blade is the next generation in a family of DIRECTV receivers specially designed for the commercial market. This high density receiver can output 8 to 23 channels of High Definition and is 4K capable.



The QAM20 is specifically designed to work with the new high density of the COM3000. A single QAM20 module comes standard with 16 QAM channels and is upgradeable to 48 ensuring enough capacity for


Mediatune™ is a revolutionary video management system based on the COM2000 DIRECTV™ satellite head-end solution. Serving the Bar and Restaurant commercial market, it enables easy control of multiple TV sets using a browser-based application running on your PC, laptop, or tablet instead of multiple remote controls.

Simply drag and drop your selection of programs onto the right TV icons to manage your TV sets without having to make any changes to your matrix system installation.


HD content delivered over an RF distribution requires content protection. For the hospitality market, the content protection system of choice is Pro:Idiom™. Commercial TV sets can be purchased which will decrypt this protection in order to properly display content. However, in applications where commercial TV sets are either not available or have not been deployed, the DCI401MCS is the perfect solution.

This small adapter box can receive modulated RF content, decrypt Pro:Idiom™ protected content from a COM2000, then deliver it to a display using an HDMI connector. When used with a COM2000 system at the head-end, the DCI401MCS also features a fully Interactive Program Guide.

Key Features

  • HDMI output of Pro:Idiom™ protected content originating on a COM2000
  • Small form factor (4.33” x 0.96” x 3.19”)
  • Analog RF output on channel 3 or 4 of SD or HD In-the-Clear programming
  • RF Remote Control to allow for flexible mounting options
  • Programmable IR commands to control TV power and volume


For properties that cannot make a complete conversion to digital content, the NTSC-8 allows for COM46 content to be output both in digital format to the QAM – and as an IP output to the NTSC-8 providing NTSC formatted analog output. This replaces the requirement for a stacked receiver solution using mini-mods to duplicate channels for fitness centers or any other TVs unable to support HD or SD digital content.

The NTSC-8 is completely agile with eight outputs allowing for flexibility in RF plant management. It is controlled by the COM2000 using the same interface that controls the COM46 and QAM6. Independent adjustments for the RF output level assists with installation and balancing for each individual deployment.

Key Features

  • Adds analog output to COM2000 systems
  • Up to eight channels in one rack unit
  • No additional COM46 cards needed
  • Agile modulation
  • Per channel adjustable outputs for attenuation
  • Remote management and configuration


ATSC-8 is an off-air tuner capable of receiving ATSC HD content, then outputting this content in IP format for easy re-distribution utilizing the QAM6. The ATSC-8 includes eight digital tuners capable of tuning to eight unique ATSC channels or to eight different frequencies in order to provide the entire ATSC channel offering. In the latter set-up option, all the sub-channels can be included using an MPTS and the entire ATSC channel can be transferred to a QAM channel, thus maximizing tuner capacity.

The ATSC-8 is controlled by the COM2000 using the same interface that controls the COM46 and the QAM6. This allows for external setup and monitoring of the ATSC-8 device and remote management and troubleshooting when necessary.

Key Features

  • Receives local Over-the-Air channels not available from DIRECTV
  • IP output to the COM2000 system
  • Eight available ATSC digital tuners
  • May require GbE-1 card in slot-1 to accept IP input over 100Mbps

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