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Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2024: Here’s How It Went

June 20, 2024

As we converge once again in the French town of Annecy for the renowned International Animation Film Festival created in 1960, we are thrilled to see our Mikros Animation team play a part in such a momentous industry event. As we gathered for another week of celebrating the biggest names in the sector, the creative and diverse animation styles and techniques, attending Annecy International Animation Film Festival is not just about keeping pace within the industry but reaffirming our commitment to industry leadership and innovation.

Mikros Animation’s presence at Annecy is more than just a booth; it’s a statement of our dedication to business development and brand awareness on a global scale. 

With over a decade of consistent attendance, Mikros Animation has established itself as a cornerstone of the festival. Our extensive presence serves as a beacon for clients, partners, and talent alike, showcasing our capabilities and cementing our reputation as a go-to resource in the animation industry. For this year’s booth, the team presented a colorful art gallery featuring some classic paintings…with a Mikros twist. Can you spot the difference between the original and the below?

Step into Mikros Animation’s 2024 booth with an AI rendition!

From a colorfully decorated booth, to round tables and screenings, our talent featured in conferences including:

🎤 When Motion Design Challenges the Boundaries of Animation featuring Paul-Etienne Bourde (2D Supervisor, Mikros Animation)

🎤 Demo Session Foundry x Mikros Animation with Matthieu Rouxel (VFX Supervisor, Mikros Animation)

It’s been an eventful year for the Mikros Animation team! Take a look at our event wrap up video 🎨

Wondering what we got up to at last year’s festival? Catch up on the event here.

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