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Meet the Mill+ team: Ted Harrison, CG Lead

November 20, 2023

Meet Ted! CG Lead for The Hunt of Glory – the latest collaboration between Mill+, The Mill‘s content and creative studio, Mercedes-Benz and League of Legends. Ted takes us through his work on the project, how the London and Bangalore teams collaborated on the environment build stage and more. Dive in below 👇

Q: Can you tell us about yourself and how you started your career in Advertising/VFX?    

A:  I studied Computer Animation and Visual Effects at the University of Portsmouth.  

I then went on to work at multiple film VFX companies including MPC, now sister company to The Mill, and One of Us prior to joining The Mill as a 3D Lead in early 2022.  

Q: How did you first become involved in the Mercedes, League of Legends project?    

A: There was a lot of excitement around the project within the company. Dec (2D Lead) and Larisa (VFX Producer), showed me the treatment and concept art, and I knew it was a project I had to get involved in.

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Q: What is your favourite part of the project as a whole?    

A: The environment build stage was my favourite part of the process where teams across London and Bangalore collaborated. We had a wide variety of very visually interesting environments that we concepted and built. We got to explore a lot of different procedural methods of building CG environments. 

Q: If you could sum up your experience working on the project in three words, what would they be?     

A: Collaborative, ambitious and upbeat.  

Q: What’s your favourite advert of all times and why?   

A: Nike – “Ole” Portugal v Brazil, 2004. This was the first advert that really caught my eye when I was younger. I loved seeing some of my favourite footballers in such a comical ad and paced so nicely with soundtrack.  

Q: Can you tell us about another project that you’ve worked on that you found challenging yet rewarding and why? 

A:  Promotional Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Billboards. It was my first-time producing CG content for billboards. We made 6 fully CG 15 second billboards for screens at iconic locations around the world. The CG work was exciting, which included a large jungle environment, an optimus prime transformation and lots of FX from the interaction between the characters and environment. The challenge was to create all of this to work within the specific dimensions of each billboard as well as the perspective the audience would view it from.  

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