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The Mill, Technicolor Group’s Collaboration with Grammy-Winning Musician Ricky Kej and UNICEF on ‘LIFE Song Animation’, Unveils French Language Version at UNESCO Headquarters

June 7, 2024

As producers of the music video of LIFE Song by renowned musician Ricky Kej and UNICEF, the Technicolor Group’s global leadership participated in the UNESCO event on 30 May 2024, unveiling the French language version of the song by acclaimed performer Farrah El Dibany.

Commemorating the important occasion of World Environment Day, UNESCO, in partnership with Farrah and Ricky, organized the event ‘Connecting People and Planet through Education’ at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.

The event witnessed Farrah El Dibany and Ricky Kej perform the French language version of the song “Life- Agents of Change.” The performance seeks to give full meaning to educational action and a commitment to nature protection by calling for respect for the environment and humanity, solidarity, and intergenerational responsibility, and raising awareness of the environmental and sustainability challenges being faced today. 

The event further hosted an inter-generational conversation between youth activists, practitioners, and representatives from ministries of education, and a call for action “LIFE-agents of change,” inviting young people to engage and consider how their places of learning can change and align with green practices. 

At Technicolor, we are deeply committed to impacting the community positively. This is reflected across our CSR efforts, where our focus continues to be on education and ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance) principles. The LIFE Song underscores our passion for achieving sustainability through visual storytelling; it is the perfect blend of creativity and technology. I am proud of the team at The Mill, India for pouring their hearts and expertise into this remarkable animated film.

Caroline Parot, CEO, Technicolor Group

In line with UNESCO’s values to transform mindsets and reconciling people with nature, The Mill- a part of the Technicolor Group created the animated film for the song, which seeks to redefine the intersection of artistry and social impact. The LIFE Song marks a significant collaboration between Ricky Kej, UNICEF India, and The Mill, India.

With mesmerizing animation accompanying the soundtrack, the film eloquently depicts the journeys of three young protagonists, delving into pressing environmental and social issues of renewable energy, deforestation, and the critical imperative to address plastic waste in our oceans. The agents of change depicted in LiFE Song carry this message through their actions every day.

Ricky Kej

The Mill created the three animated characters called the Agents of Change- #SaveTreesChanu, #ConserveOceansPriya and #RenewableEnergyArjun, whose mission is to make our ways of life more sustainable for the future and take responsibility for our home planet. LIFE Song showcases the extraordinary talents of acclaimed musicians, including Shankar Mahadevan, Stewart Copeland, Salim-Sulaiman, Farrah El Dibany, Abby V, Lonnie Park, and the New York Youth Symphony under the direction of Michael Repper.

The LIFE Song animation is a real synergy of creativity and social goodwill. At Technicolor India, our commitment to CSR is strong. We are especially proud of our collaboration with Ricky Kej and UNICEF India to produce this special message in a spell-binding song, wherein our in-house director and multiple awards-winning team worked closely with Ricky to develop, ideate, and then bring to life the Agents of Change.

Biren Ghose, Managing Director- Asia Pacific, Technicolor Group

The LIFE Song made its debut on 2 December 2023 at a live concert at the Ambedkar International Centre in New Delhi, India. Kej subsequently also played the LiFE Song live at the COP28 concert on 6 December 2023 at The Opera House in Dubai.

Read more about LIFE Song here.


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