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We are a global talent business.

Our people are the beating heart of our company, and we work hard to maintain a culture of innovation and creativity. This ensures our talent always have the best skills, understanding and knowledge to succeed. This has been core to our legacy and is how we will continue to define the future of creative visual arts in the entertainment and advertising industries.  


There are three values we share across our studios: 


We are Iconic. 

Our work defines cultural moments in the entertainment industry.  

We are respected and recognized for what we do and have the accolades & awards to prove it.   

Working on iconic projects makes us proud and motivates us all to do our very best work. 


We are Brave. 

We are inquisitive and experimental seeking out what others don’t.  

We define new conventions in the VFX industry, breaking down challenges until we find new solutions. 

Our artists are ready to push the boundaries of their imagination and thrive on daring ideas to challenge the status quo.  


We are Vibrant.

Our studios are driven by shared ambition, unrivaled artistry, and infinite possibilities.  

Our work is as varied as it is memorable, commanding attention in every way.  

We make audiences laugh, scream, cry, contemplate, and most of all we inspire awe and wonder through spectacular, multi-dimensional and vibrant work. 

Our Creativity Needs Diversity

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive company culture. We will always respect, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals and their talents because we fundamentally believe our creativity needs diversity. We are our most creative when we work together across diverse backgrounds, cultures, geographies and human experiences. We know the diverse perspectives of our staff is what makes us so creative.

Our Equal Opportunities policy aims to address the entire employment life cycle, from talent acquisition to rewards and ongoing development. We have an active DE&I group which includes members of our Executive team who oversee all matters relating to gender equality, race, identity, and ability. This includes the development of policies, training and community outreach initiatives, alongside an ethos that aims to help individuals be their best. We do this by making adjustments and supporting staff where necessary while offering a flexible working environment where possible.

In adherence to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act-India, Technicolor Group is committed to fostering a safe and respectful work environment for all members of our community. Read more about the policy here.


To always respect, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals and their talents. 



We ensure a vibrant & inclusive workplace for everyone by removing barriers that hinder people from bringing their real selves to work


Build and maintain a community where all staff feel safe, included and accepted for who they are


We hold ourselves to account with an actionable plan and ongoing review


Attract, nurture and retain the best talent in the industry irrespective of their background



Committed to genuine change in our business and the wider industry


In talent: training and ongoing development


Facilitating open discussion & debate


Tracking our progress and ongoing performance


The Academy

We provide opportunities for young people to break into the visual effects industry from all over the world


Our Global Talent Development Center of Excellence advises staff on all aspects of training, development, leadership & management


Studio-specific training opportunities are available such as MPC’s Production Pathways course and The Mill’s ‘Learning at Work Week’


We encourage a brave and pioneering spirit across our studios as we believe this is fundamental to the work we do


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