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10 weeks

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40 hours / week

About the course

The Lighting for Visual Effects 10-week course is a comprehensive journey into the world of lighting artistry in animation and VFX. Through a series of tutorials and handson exercises, students will learn to master industry-standard tools like Maya, Katana, and Nuke, covering everything from basic lighting principles to advanced techniques for optimizing scenes and rendering FX elements.

By the end of the course, participants will possess the skills and knowledge needed to pursue exciting opportunities in the animation and VFX industries, equipped with a portfolio showcasing their expertise in lighting and rendering.

Course Highlights

Becoming a lighter for visual effects is a compelling career choice offering a blend of artistic expression, technical challenge, and collaborative teamwork. Lighters have the opportunity to creatively influence the mood, atmosphere, and narrative of a project through their lighting choices, impacting the visual quality and emotional resonance of scenes.

Mastery of various software tools and rendering engines allows for continuous learning and skill development, while the collaborative environment fosters shared creativity and problem-solving. With versatile skills applicable across industries, lighters play a crucial role in bringing creative visions to life in film, television, animation, gaming, and beyond.

• Students will have access to comprehensive video tutorials, guides, and
resources covering a wide range of lighting techniques and software tools,
ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

• The course includes hands-on projects and exercises that allow students to
apply their learning in practical contexts, reinforcing key concepts and
techniques through real-world scenarios.

• Participants will receive valuable feedback and guidance on their work from
experienced industry professionals, providing insights and mentorship to
enhance their skills and creative process.

• The curriculum integrates industry-standard practices and workflows,
preparing students for the demands of professional production environments
and ensuring they are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge upon
completion of the course.

What we offer

  • Intensive training from our industry-leading artists
  • You will be encouraged and coached to create a professional showreel of your work which you can take with you after completing the course
  • Continued access to tutorials after the course
  • A digital badge and certificate to share on your LinkedIn profile
  • Ongoing recruitment opportunities and continued contact with the Technicolor Academy

What our students say

“The quality of the assets and plates provided by the course was very high, and I enjoyed working with them. The workstation setup was also surprisingly fluid and painless and did not hinder the speed or quality of my learning.“

Joseph Waldron

“The most valuable part I found in completing the course was learning both Katana and Houdini workflows. I learnt so much more about these software's and couldn't be happier with the progress I have made along the way.“

Alistair Scott

“This course really provided a good opportunity for junior artists to learn new techniques and I really enjoy it!“

Jonny (Po Han) Chi

“Dailies and briefings were of much value. In a sense, it helped us develop our eye and of course, technical support's prompt response was of extreme value. Especially when issues occurred, and we were nearing the deadline.“

Stephanie Melendez-Tirado

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Who can apply

  • Students currently enrolled in one of our Partnership Program Schools.
  • Candidates who are ready to cross the bridge from learning to a professional career.


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Learn from the best in the industry

Our trainers have worked on award-winning projects, including:

The One and Only Ivan

Over 45% of Super Bowl spots in 2022

The Jungle Book

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Life of Pi

The Lion King

Harry Potter


The One and Only Ivan

Over 45% of Super Bowl spots in 2022

The Jungle Book

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Life of Pi

The Lion King

Harry Potter


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