Fastweb Launches Service With New Ultra-Broadband Technology From Technicolor

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July 07, 2016
The service delivers 200 Mb/s download speeds and improved wireless access.
Fastweb Launches Service With New Ultra-Broadband Technology From Technicolor

Technicolor is continually pushing the boundaries of ultra-broadband development, and today we are pleased to be a key technology partner in Fastweb’s announcement of their new FASTGATE gateway service. Fastweb is an alternative fixed-line provider in Italy, and their new gateway service uses Technicolor’s ultra-broadband VDSL 35B data access and enhanced WiFi connectivity technologies. This combination will allow Fastweb to deliver faster speeds, coupled with improved wireless capability.  That means faster data downloads, high quality video streaming and digital media that can be enjoyed both connected and wirelessly.

This ultra-broadband deployment is the first eVDSL launch in Europe and the first eVDSL CPE launch for Technicolor. This service joins the other ultra-broadband products that have been introduced by Technicolor and further reinforces our commitment to providing our Service Provider partners with the fastest data delivery solutions, regardless of network or platform.

Technicolor is a creative technology company and we recognize that the future of entertainment requires development of solutions that support cutting edge services for today, yet enable future services too. As Technicolor looks across our business portfolio, we see the continued bandwidth demands of new immersive video services like HDR, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Eventually, audiences will demand these experiences in their homes and we want to provide the technologies that will enable these experiences.