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MPC Advertising (now The Mill) launches the award-winning Festive campaign for Burberry, which goes on to win 100+ awards


MPC Advertising collaborates with Riff Raff and Burberry for 'Festive'




Riff Raff Films

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MPC, Burberry and Megaforce, three big names. So big in fact, combining them has the potential to create atmospheric changes (of the giant hailstone kind).

Burberry’s ’Festive’ campaign, follows Megaforce’s magical formula of larger than life grandeur grounded in the reality of human experience – in this case, friendship in the face of adversity.

Staying true to the Burberry spirit, the film follows an (impeccably dressed) quartet dance through the streets; each step taken choreographed by renown collective (LA) HORDE and creatively written and imagined by Megaforce through Riff Raff. The new campaign celebrates the brand’s history, as the dancers brave an ice storm, dressed in weatherproof clothing inspired by the founder, Thomas Burberry’s iconic collections.


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