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60 seconds with Megha Bhadana, Character Artist

March 21, 2023

How long have you been at Technicolor Games and what do you do? 

I have been in Technicolor Games for 2 years and I am a Character Artist. I think that

working on characters is the most fun part because in the end, I get to see them come to life. In my current role, I work on different facial expressions which are used to create realistic facial animation and to achieve this, we use Blendshape which is a powerful way to bring life to a static model.

What inspired you to get into the industry? 

My passion for Fine Arts paved the way and helped in shaping my career in the industry. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, but it isn’t something that I always wanted to do. I always found myself creating art, specifically, portraits. So, I took my interests further by learning Graphic Design, 3D modeling, texturing & lighting and realized my childhood dream of becoming an artist. 

Name a project you admire or was a part of at Technicolor Group and why it’s one of your favorites

I really enjoyed being a part of Rockstar games GTA Trilogy project. I worked on stylized characters and the best part was the creative freedom we had over creating the heads from scratch. 

Your most memorable experience since being here? 

My most memorable experience was being a part of The Academy batch when I first joined Technicolor and learning from the best. And getting appreciated and recognized for my work. 

Share something you have learned this year

I learned to create Resin art, Fluid art, and Alcohol ink art to name a few as I found them quite intriguing. 

Your dream project would involve? 

I would love to be a part of a stop motion animation project someday. I admire the hard work artists put into making little creatures come to life, their attention to detail from clothes to the environment and the slightest of expressions. 

Who would you like to call out from Technicolor who deserves the recognition and why? 

I would like to thank my Team Lead Abhilash Raj for being a great mentor, believing in me and helping me realize my potential.

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