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Games President Andy Emery Visits the Bangalore Studio  

May 17, 2023

Andy Emery, President of Technicolor Games, recently visited the Bangalore studio to meet with the team and discuss the company’s strategies and goals.  

In May, our Bangalore studio had the pleasure of meeting Andy and hearing him speak. In his opening remarks to the team, Andy expressed his appreciation for everyone’s commitment to the company, discussed the excellent work they have been crafting, and outlined a vision for how the company should grow and succeed over the next few years, highlighting the role the Bangalore team in particular will play in achieving this vision. 

One of Andy’s major focuses for Technicolor Games is his desire to concentrate on the arts and creative services, as well as the specific direction he would like to set the brand on. Andy also emphasized the role of collaboration with Technicolor Group and the advantages that come from access to different ranges of brands and creative services. “There is a fantastic art service in our company, and what I envision doing is to accelerate and elevate the kind of service we deliver in that space. By this I mean looking at what we are currently offering and then looking at how we can broaden the kind of services we can offer customers.” 

Andy spoke about prioritizing the importance of technical art and technical animation in integrating working processes with clients. He also stated that it is not just about developing assets, but about setting ourselves on a path where we are committed to providing a high-level of service. With respect to the work on high-end graphics and visual design, Andy explained why Unreal Engine 5 is an excellent tool and why it is increasingly used outside of the gaming industry and across Technicolor’s other brands and projects. “The Technicolor Games team has demonstrated a strong grasp of both the real-time functionality of these assets and the engine’s capacity. This will not only provide an excellent learning experience, but also provide us with opportunities to share our knowledge and develop our offering in collaboration with some of the brands into a full cinematic experience.” 

As Andy addressed the team, he noted the importance of working across disciplines, commenting that while some team members are eager to acquire additional knowledge and experience, this dual path should provide more opportunities and support them to become specialists in their respective fields. He emphasized how acquiring relevant skills and knowledge, improving existing skills, and being exposed to new perspectives are extremely crucial and valuable components for a team to gain experience and being able to collaborate and learn across disciplines. “We consider this an extremely critical and valuable component of our team because a large number of us are eager to gain experience and having the ability to work and learn across different disciplines will certainly be of immense interest to many of us.” As one of the company’s established strengths remains its innovative gaming experiences, Andy shared the importance of collaborating with other companies and continuing to innovate to ensure that Technicolor Games continues to produce the best games possible.  

“Having Andy with us gave team the confidence and clarity with his clear vision and key emphasis to steering the brand towards growth. I am glad welcoming Andy to Technicolor Games and our creative family! We are moving forward to the next level, and Technicolor is a collection of strong brands with a proven track record in the fields of games, animation, and visual effects (VFX), where imagination and storytelling meet cutting-edge technology,” said Devendra Kumar, Head of Production, Technicolor Games. 

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