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Inside Scoop | 10 for 10 with David Bryan, Animation Director

February 2, 2023

This series explores the varied and colorful roles at the Technicolor Group. Spotlighting our talent and bringing their story to center stage. Here are 10 questions for the 10 years our incredible Animation Director, David Bryan has been with us!

How would you describe your time here in 3 words?

Family, developmental, diverse.

What inspired you to get into Animation?

Through my education, I was always more interested in fine art! Animation, was initially more of an experiment as an alternative platform, which eventually turned into something that would give me so much satisfaction and an opportunity to learn more about human and animal behaviours.

Your career highlight to date?

Back to back VES wins for best animated character in 2017, 2018 and 2019 (John Lewis Xmas Buster the boxer, Samsung Ostrich and VW Bam the ram)

What is the most memorable part of the first project you worked on at Technicolor Group?

The very first project was a simple commercial for ‘Freeview’ featuring hundreds of red balloons. What started off being a predominantly simulated project ended up being mostly hand animated…I saw nothing but balloons in my dreams for weeks. It was my first taste of photo realistic inanimate objects.

Your favorite animated character would have to be…

It is probably the frill-necked lizard for a First direct commercial. It was so fun to express that classic British personality on the telephone and then burst into the lizard’s more natural behaviour with that hilarious windmill running style.

What is the most exciting aspect of your role?

It is often the research phase when we have an unfamiliar creature to work with. The animal kingdom is so diverse and you can discover so many unfamiliar and creative ways to express personality and tell stories.

Tell us about the most recent project you have worked on…

In the 2 months building up to Christmas our London and Bangalore animation team’s put together 100 shots (5 minutes worth of animation) across 8 commercials for M&S food. The campaign featured two brilliant characters; a Christmas tree fairy (voiced by Dawn French) and a well worn dog toy in the form of a duck (voiced by Jennifer Saunders). It was a wonderful achievement and the two sites working side by side was a huge success.

Marks and Spencer, Fairy and Duckie

What motivates you?

I am sure it is the same with most animators, when you are outside, sometimes you cannot help but pick up on the details in your surroundings and start to put them into an animated context! …it is both motivating and frustrating in equal measures!

What is the most rewarding thing about being at Technicolor Group?

The projects we have been assigned to work on have consistently been creative and fun while providing plenty of room to develop as an artist within a collaborative pool of talented and humble people.

If you could give one piece of advice to our next generation of talent what would it be?

Be as diverse as possible. Get involved in as many characters, creatures and styles as you can and your development as an animator will take off far quicker than if you spend a long period of time polishing and trying to perfect one thing.

Cushelle “Tubeless”, David Bryan Animation Supervisor

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