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Inside Scoop | Sarien Lawrence, Manager, Systems Infrastructure

August 24, 2023

Our latest look inside Technicolor features Sarien Lawrence, Manager – Systems Infrastructure at Technicolor India. This Inside Scoop explores Sarien’s pivotal role as System Infrastructure Manager, his dynamic collaborations that span multiple departments, his notable triumphs, as well as his enriching experience of fostering innovation and technological advancements within the organization.

Can you talk us through your role as a System Infrastructure Manager at Technicolor Group?

In my role as a System Infrastructure Manager at Technicolor Group for the past 10 years, I am responsible for overseeing and managing the complex technological infrastructure that supports the studio’s creative process. This position provided me with a wide range of challenges and opportunities that made it both challenging and exciting.

One of the key role requirements is to ensure the stability and scalability of the studio’s technology infrastructure. A large part of Technicolor’s business is large-scale media production, and maintaining and building a robust infrastructure that meets the demanding requirements of creative production, rendering, and handling large volumes of data is a complex undertaking. It has been my responsibility to implement and manage cutting-edge technologies such as storage systems, rendering farms, network infrastructure, and software applications.

My experience in an industry which thrives on creativity and innovation has given me the opportunity to introduce new technologies and workflows that enhance productivity and efficiency. Among these initiatives were adoption of cloud-based solutions, implementation of virtualization and automation techniques, and integration of emerging technologies within the studio.

Furthermore, I was responsible for managing a team of skilled professionals responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the infrastructure. It entails not only ensuring smooth day-to-day operations but also leading initiatives for continuous improvement, guiding team members and fostering a cooperative working environment.

How do you collaborate with other teams, such as production, operations, R&D to ensure smooth integration and operation of our system infrastructure?

It is vital that we collaborate with other teams, such as production, operations, and R&D, to ensure smooth system integration and operation. Here are some factors that have helped me, and my team maintain a healthy working relationship with other teams.

-Establish open communication channels with production, operations, and R&D

Communication can take the form of regular meetings and email updates. We establishing a consistent manner of sharing information ensures that everyone is kept updated on any infrastructure changes or updates that may impact their workflows.

-Understanding the specific requirements and goals of each team is imperative

We must identify the needs, challenges, and priorities of team members and engage in discussions with them. In order to ensure seamless integration and operation, we need to understand their requirements so that we can align the system infrastructure with theirs.

-Providing proactive support to the production, operations, and research and development departments 

By providing guidance and troubleshooting technical issues, answering questions from the team, and generally engaging with them to understand their needs and improve the infrastructure, we are able to help the team work more efficiently. With this level of support, trust is built, collaboration is fostered, and integration is more seamless.

-Seek regular feedback from the production, operations, and R&D teams concerning the performance and usability of the infrastructure

Taking their suggestions and concerns into consideration, and implementing improvements based on them, is imperative. As a result of the iterative process, a culture of continuous improvement has been fostered.

When it comes to system infrastructure management, how do you stay on top of the latest trends and advancements?

Continuous learning and self-improvement are essential for keeping up with the latest trends and advancements in system infrastructure management. Keeping abreast of industry publications, blogs and websites related to system infrastructure management is imperative. The other method I use is to explore relevant online communities, forums, and social media groups where professionals share insights and discuss emerging trends. To stay updated and enhance my knowledge, I also participate in webinars, conferences, and training programs. The time and resources must be allocated to experiment with emerging technologies and innovative solutions relevant to the management of system infrastructure in order to progress. In my opinion, putting out a lot of effort and maintaining a curious mindset has been very helpful for me.

Could you tell us what you consider your biggest achievement in this role?

My greatest achievement as a System Infrastructure Manager was the successful implementation of a comprehensive infrastructure upgrade project that significantly improved the performance, reliability, and scalability of Technicolor’s systems.

As part of the infrastructure upgrade project, a number of critical components were implemented, including server virtualization, storage modernization, network optimization, and advanced security measures. We carefully planned and executed each aspect of the project in order to minimize disruptions to ongoing operations and ensure a smooth transition.

A notable outcome of this project was the improvement of system performance. We were able to decrease response times, enhance data processing capabilities, and provide a seamless user experience through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

What do you like about working in the Technicolor Technology team?

My experience in the Technicolor Technology team has been both rewarding and fulfilling, enabling me to contribute my expertise and skills to the organization’s technological advancements. As a member of this dynamic team, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and collaborate with professionals from a variety of backgrounds. As a team, we have achieved success through collaboration, whether it is working on cross-functional projects or collaborating with other departments.

I believe that working with the Technicolor Technology team has provided me with an opportunity to contribute to the success of the organization as well as to challenge myself to learn and grow continuously. Being a part of a team that embraces innovation, collaboration, and excellence has been a great privilege, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to Technicolor’s technological advancements.

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