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Inside Scoop | Vedanti Bhanuse, Senior Software Developer

January 12, 2024

In this exclusive interview, we showcase Vedanti Bhanuse, a committed professional in Technicolor Groups’ R&D team. Delve into Vedanti’s notable career milestones, the driving forces behind her professional journey, the valuable insights gained from her extensive project experience, and her genuine passion for her career.

Could you walk us through your role as a Senior Software Developer at Technicolor Group?

My tenure at Technicolor India spans over six years, marking a rewarding journey. Joining as a Mid Software Developer in May 2017 at Technicolor MPC, I underwent a comprehensive 3-month VFX and MPC pipeline training during a pivotal growth phase of the team. This training, generously provided by MPC, significantly bolstered my understanding of the MPC pipeline, contributing to my daily work at Technicolor. Over the years, I diversified my experience by working in various departments like compositing, layout, Matchmove, and currently, I am an integral part of the ReviewTool development team. The diverse experiences and invaluable support and mentorship from senior colleagues have been instrumental in my growth.

How do you leverage R&D to craft novel experiences for audiences?

R&D at Technicolor is driven by the goal to enhance creative teams’ efficiency, aligning with the ethos of making artists’ lives easier. Understanding the workflows of all creative departments is crucial in developing solutions that improve effectiveness and elevate work quality. Staying abreast of industry standards and integrating new technologies into our processes is imperative. The dynamic nature of the entertainment industry demands constant evolution, especially when directors aim to captivate audiences with unprecedented visuals. R&D continually explores emerging technologies to develop robust tools, not only raising our studio’s standards but contributing to industry-wide advancements.

How do you stay ahead in the ever-changing world of entertainment technology?

In the rapidly evolving entertainment industry, staying ahead necessitates continuous skill enhancement. Devoting myself to daily work with focus and dedication aids professional growth, fostering the development of new skills and experiences. Regularly monitoring SIGGRAPH activities provides insights into industry trends. At Technicolor, the R&D team actively incorporates cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML into our pipeline, ensuring our studio remains at the forefront of technological innovation

How will the latest tech you’re delivering impact the business and industry?

The latest technologies aim to automate manual tasks, reducing the burden of repetitive work on artists. This shift allows artists to concentrate on more creative endeavors, enhancing the overall quality of studio and VFX industry work.

Share a time when you overcame a technical challenge in a creative project using R&D.

Technical challenges are common in epic projects, such as achieving realistic fur in “The Lion King” or digital doubles in various movies. Collaboration between creative and R&D teams is essential. By understanding creative challenges and providing innovative solutions, this collaboration not only resolves immediate issues but also sparks new innovations that elevate our studio’s standards.

How do you collaborate with creative teams to bring technical innovations to life?

Understanding the creative vision is key. Regular brainstorming sessions with creative teams help break down complex problems, finding tailored solutions. Creative teams’ feedback during testing is invaluable in refining tools and ensuring their effectiveness.

What’s the future of R&D in the entertainment industry?

R&D will play a pivotal role in the constant evolution of visual effects and storytelling. As audiences crave new and exciting experiences, the intersection of generative AI, Unreal Engine, VR, and AR holds the potential to revolutionize the industry repeatedly. This cycle of innovation will persist, driving the industry forward.

Can you share an example of when your R&D work significantly impacted a creative project?

The ReviewTool, a favorite among artists, leads, and supervisors, revolutionizes the review process by managing references, creating playlists, and facilitating constructive feedback. This tool has made a substantial impact on creative projects.

What are the benefits of working in a diverse team environment?

A diverse team fosters information exchange across multi-site teams, bringing expertise from various backgrounds. The diversity of ideas and perspectives in problem-solving enhances creativity, contributing to an innovative, inviting, and fun studio culture.

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