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We often get asked...

How do I enroll?
  • Apply with your department-specific demo reel and CV attached
  • Provide the information required in the pre-screening questionnaire
  • Your eligibility is based on the location to which you apply; the Admissions team will review if you are eligible and willing to work in that location after the virtual course
  • All applicants must complete a standardized skills test provided by the Admissions team
  • Receive feedback on results and revise if necessary
  • Complete a brief interview with an Admissions or Academy team member
  • Admissions team will confirm your enrolment in the designated course’s start date
Which location should I apply to?

When selecting which location to apply to, there are a few things to consider. First, consider where you would like to work after your time at The Academy and, if you don’t already live there, whether you would be willing to relocate to that city if offered a position. Your eligibility will also be dependent on immigration/working rights in that location. If you will need a work permit or Visa, we will confirm with you if we can help support this and the likely delays to be incurred. You should also consider timezones as learning and feedback will be conducted in the relevant timezone of the location of the course Trainer.

What should I include in my demo reel?

Whether applying to the Academy or for an Artist position, keep the work on your demo reel specific to the department you are applying to. As short and sweet as possible – under 2 minutes is advised – show us a variety of your work that lets your creativity shine through and puts your best work forward. If you’re a recent graduate with a student showreel, try to differentiate yourself from your peers with some personal projects. We expect that some projects will be the same if multiple candidates are applying from the same school, but you should have different outputs of YOUR work that show us what YOU did specifically in school group projects.

Is there an Unreal Engine course?

Our Lighting and FX for Games courses in India are delivered using Unreal.

Epic Games / Unreal have significant online resources to learn core skills, which we recommend, as well as many training partners. Currently, we are not running related academies for real-time production roles but are hiring directly outside of India.

Can I apply for multiple courses?

We suggest that you apply for the department that interests you the most to work in the future. You can have this discussion with your Admissions Coordinator and let them know your preferences. You cannot be considered for more than one Academy at a time, so ultimately you will be asked for your top choice. If for whatever reason you are unable to enroll in that Academy, we can evaluate other options at that time.

Can I take an Academy course twice?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis. The Admissions Team will investigate your performance in the previous course, speak with your trainer and the Academy team, and make an informed decision. If we feel that you can benefit from going through the Academy again or taking another course to become a better-rounded artist, and there were no other issues raised, then we can consider your request. We don’t want to waste your time or ours, so we will always give you the most direct answer and constructive feedback with the decision.

Are the courses paid?

Depending on the location, some courses are paid and contracted. This is the case for our Bangalore and Mumbai academies. In locations where courses are unpaid and free, you are eligible for a substantial hiring bonus if hired at a Technicolor studio after completing the Academy.  

How will I know if my application has been accepted or rejected?

After reviewing your application, an Admissions Coordinator will get in touch with you to either move forward with the admissions process or to let you know if we cannot consider you at this time. We receive a lot of applicants for our Academy courses, so we might not get back to you right away, especially if the next start date for the course is further out. If you haven’t heard back from a member of the Admissions Team within 2-3 weeks of applying, please reach out to with your name, demo reel, and the department that you applied to.  

How do I apply for a job at the Technicolor Group?

All open positions at the Technicolor Group are posted on our jobs board, from Artist positions to IT, Marketing and more. To apply, click on the job listing that interests you and fill out the application page hosted by SmartRecruiters.

If you are a recent graduate or novice artist with limited experience and are looking to develop your knowledge in a specific department in order to move into an entry level artist position, our Academy prepares you with the necessary skills to work inside a professional VFX studio.

How long does the admissions process take once I apply on SmartRecruiters?

The admissions process takes about two weeks from the time you apply to your potential acceptance into the Academy. 

Step 1

Once you submit your application, an Admissions Coordinator will review your profile and demo reel; they will also ensure you meet the eligibility criteria to work in the desired location after completing the virtual course.   

Step 2

All eligible candidates will be asked to complete an enrollment test. This assignment is specific to the department you are applying to and allows us to see that you have the basic skillsets in the relevant software as well as evaluate your creative and technical skills. You will be provided with assets, instructions, and a specific timeframe to submit the assignment, usually between 1-7 days. An Academy trainer or department panelist will review your submission and, if needed, give you feedback and a round of edits to help you improve.  

Step 3

Once you have passed the skills test, you will be invited to a short 10-15 minute interview so that we can get to know you better and ensure communication via webcam. This is also a good time to address any questions you might have including information on next steps.  

Step 4

At this stage, you will now receive your official acceptance into the course and documents/logins/onboarding information from your Admissions Coordinator. Congratulations!

What will be taught during the course?

Each of our courses is tailor-made with multiple modules and assessments to further your development as a studio-ready artist. See the course descriptions for more detail.

How long are the courses?

Each course is different; they range from 5-14 weeks depending on the course and location, with most being in the 8-10 week range.  

When does the next course start?

There are on-going start dates for each course and location. We also regularly post new start dates on LinkedIn. If you want to know the start date for a specific discipline and location, please feel free to connect with our admissions team for details and updates at:

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