Levi Ahmu

Head of Design / Motion Graphics

Technicolor Los Angeles VFX Artists

Passionate for film from a young age, and driven by an unending love of art and technology, Levi brings over a decade of industry experience to Technicolor.  Enjoying creative challenges of any nature, he’s worked as a creative director and graphics supervisor to deliver projects across almost every digital medium.  His designs can be found in AAA game titles, music videos, VFX heavy commercials, and dozens of episodic titles for clients like EA, Sony, Activision, and TV shows Fringe, Minority Report, and Marvel’s Agents of Shield, to list a few.

In addition to his artistic eye, Levi leverages his fascination with technology by constantly exploring new methodologies and writing custom tools to solve creative problems, stretch artistic possibilities, and navigate technical hurdles.  He is always striving to create fresh work and more efficient workflows.