September 13, 2012

APA Show 2012

MPC is the most awarded VFX studio in the APA Show 2012

On the 6th September, 900 talented people across the advertising industry gathered together for the annual Advertising Producers Association Awards Show at the Natural History Museum in London. The show saw the premier of the APA Collection – a unique collection of the best commercials of the year from UK production companies and agencies.

MPC stormed the show, having collaborated on 15 of the shortlisted commercials, more than any other VFX studio.

MPC spots included:

  • Avios 'Fly'
  • Channel 4 'Street Summer'
  • Cravendale 'Milk Me Brian'
  • Greenpeace 'Homeless Polar Bear'
  • Halfords 'The Trip'
  • Hovis 'Farmers Lad'
  • John Lewis 'The Long Wait'
  • Lurpack 'Rainbow'

The APA Show is our compendium of the best commercials of the year. Now in its 11th year, it is established in the UK and worldwide as the showcase of the best commercials created in the UK. 

For APA members - production companies, post, editing and music companies, this is a fantastic platform to promote their expertise worldwide, as well as the chance to celebrate great work with their peers.


Find out more about the APA Show