June 18, 2010

BellNET Italy moves to full service VoIP with Technicolor

Technicolor today announced that he has been selected by BellNET International in Italy to implement a high performance voice over IP network through the country.

Paris (France), June 18, 2010 – Technicolor (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TCH) today announced that he has been selected by BellNET International in Italy to implement a high performance voice over IP network through the country.  Based on Technicolor Cirpack softswitch and gateway products, this system, which will use voice over IP exclusively, is central to BellNET’s plans to become a telco serving medium and large enterprise customers.

To meet the expectations of its demanding business users, BellNET needs a stable and highly resilient platform which combines Class 4 services with efficient and cost-effective Class 5 enhanced added value offerings. By implementing Cirpack solutions from Technicolor, BellNET can now provide a complete outsourced communications proposition, including data and voice.

“Cirpack is designed to be a flexible and highly scalable solution, aimed at companies who want to move swiftly into providing a comprehensive, bundled, modern approach to communications,” said Georges Laplanche, Senior Vice President, Connect Division at Technicolor. “We are proud that BellNET has recognised the power of Cirpack, and the ease with which it is managed, giving them an attractive lifetime cost of ownership without compromising on functionality, reliability or security.”

“Having evaluated a number of leading products, we felt that the Technicolor switch clearly demonstrates that it is the best choice, both for its highly innovative structure and by providing the best price per circuit,” said Paolo Casiroli, CEO of BellNET International. “Technicolor has given us excellent support and technical assistance throughout the pre-sale process, and has been absolutely precise in guaranteeing the delivery time and the RFS target we require.”

The Cirpack installation includes gateways both to other VoIP networks and to conventional telephony, with a high degree of security protection at the junctions to ensure the integrity of the network. As a business service, number portability is seen as critical and Cirpack fully supports this.

The implementation of the Cirpack installation has been finalized recently and the switch has been installed at the headquarters of BellNET International in Milano, Italy.


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