December 05, 2014

Candor Rules the Day at CamerImage

CamerImage, the remarkable film festival in western Poland, that takes place in mid-November, is organized principally around the creative contributions of cinematographers.

Cinematographers, filmmakers, and other “below the line” talent congregate over the course of a week, in Bydgoszcz, at its lovely Opera Nova, to experience films from all over the world, and more than anything share in their knowledge. The most defining characteristic of the festival is the level of access you have to many of the world’s greatest cinematographers – and the candor you experience in the most informal settings, of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at the various festival venues, including seminars and various demonstrations.

Other significant CamerImage attributes include the interdisciplinary nature of the various sections of the festival; and the east-west engagement that takes place culturally – discussions grounded in the fundamental crafts of global cinema.

At this year’s edition of CamerImage, Technicolor produced its inaugural Seminar, a moderated panel of celebrated cinematographers, presented to an audience comprised of established talent, rising stars, and emerging cinematographers from around the globe.

The “trade fair” aspect of the festival is decidedly low-key, and only in support of the exploration of the creative process. The educational aspect of CamerImage is world-class. It was very reminiscent of great film school engagements, in and around various screening venues.

Beyond its celebration of theatrical motion pictures, other forms of creative expression have competitions too, including the documentary section, but also the retrospectives of world-renown filmmakers, be they below the line or above.

This year, American DP Caleb Deschanel, ASC received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Deschanel recently completed principal photography of director Warren Beatty’s newest feature – all of which is being served by Technicolor.