June 20, 2016

Finishing In 4K & HDR Is The Key To Creating Evergreen Content

Looking into the future isn’t just a job for crystal ball gazers or seers these days. The entertainment industry now has the opportunity to be forward thinking with the content they produce. In a recent session at this year’s Produced By Conference, industry leaders Glenn Kennel (President & CEO, ARRI Inc.), Lori McCreary (President of the Producers Guild of America), Dana Ross (International Marketing Executive, ARRI Rental), and Sherri Potter (Head of Post Production Services, Technicolor) discussed how new technologies are redefining cinematography and finishing. During the conference, talk turned to future-proofing productions. PGA President Lori McCreary urged the industry to begin finishing films in 4K and HDR stating, “We should be looking out 10-15 years. It’s up to us to start pushing the envelope and talking about the future.”

Read more about the panel as the group discusses current uses of HDR and more featured on The Hollywood Reporter.

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