August 25, 2017

Flavors of OTT

Be Essential. Be OTT.



One of the ways service providers enable subscribers' ability to experience the TV they pay for when, where, and how they want.

Is open to pay-TV customers.
Offers subscribers the ability to access their paid channel lineup from any reliable internet connection.
For providers, it differentiates their platform from rivals, leverages the growth of tech-savvy customers, and drives customer loyalty.
Subscribers can access their paid channel lineup on any video internet enabled device, phone, tablet, or PC.
One authenticating portal
One bill.

When Service Providers integrate access to OTT services within their own platforms.

Is open to all existing customers depending on business model.
Unified UX.
For providers it unifies OTT and establishes pay-TV platforms, hybrid OTT-DTH/Cable STBs, establishes the platform as a premium service and OTT as no frills.
Is a move from a bundle to a single all-integrated offering where services work together offering seamless connectivity to digital content, video, pictures, and data via the native connectivity of a Smart TV or any video enabled Internet device.
One remote.

When Service providers leverage partner OTT services as a way to add value by complementing customers’ existing service.

Is open to pay-TV customers.
Offers subscribers "package" deals and pricing promotions, adds value to their bundle with more viewing options, and a discounted bill.
For providers, it differentiates by leveraging the OTT brand as a value add onto the existing service provider offering and reducing time to market.
Services are siloed in this particular OTT option, but can be accessed via any video internet enabled device, phone, tablet, or PC.

A TV subscription alternative, also often referred to as a “skinny bundle”, offering streaming access to OTT services over a broadband connection.

Is an option for service providers to deliver a standalone or "skinny bundle".
Offers subscribers a low-cost, minimal channel lineup paired with any OTT aggregators they may be subscribed to.
For providers, it’s a gateway to pay-TV services, drives the monetization of broadband, and stems the decline of a fixed line base.
Multiple devices.
Subscribers will authenticate via a remote specific to set-top device.

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