July 24, 2015

HDR to Dazzle Consumers, Drive Opportunities for Content Creators and Distributors

Higher dynamic range (HDR) technology is destined to optimize the strategies of content creators and distributors, while also shaking up the viewing environment and consumer experiences.  According to industry analysts, this technology will be widely available by the end of the decade.  The reason: instead of simply adding more pixels, HDR increases the contrast in an image in a manner that essentially delivers better pixels.  Consumers will be dazzled the higher-quality video that has greater depth and detail.

Beyond the hype and buzzwords surrounding next-generation TV technology, the business case for Higher Dynamic Range is compelling – and it gives content creators the tools to take their storytelling to the next level.


HDR Expands the Content Creators Toolbox


As with any new technology, the full benefits of HDR will take some time to fully manifest in all communities of interest, but there is little doubt that there is a strong business case for HDR throughout the distribution channel.[subscribe_reminder]

HDR expands the toolbox for content creators, empowering them to tell their stories with greater impact.  In fact, the dramatic upgrade in picture quality will drive content creators to use HDR in new projects – as evidenced by the recent 20th Century Fox announcement to make every future film with HDR support -- as well as leveraging the technology to remaster existing libraries of content.

ABI Research ABI Research


ABI Research recently forecast that new technologies like HDR, wider color gamut, higher frame rates, and immersive audio will advance the viewing experience substantially.  The analysts expect a whopping 70 percent of UHD TVs to support some of these new enhancements by 2020.


vudu vud

As the global entertainment industry migrates toward total digital distribution and delivery, HDR also yields benefits for content distributors. Over-the-top (OTT) providers like Netflix, Vudu and Amazon already are moving forward with 4K HDR streaming services.





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