June 23, 2015

Key Immersive Video Considerations for Silicon Chip Makers

[subscribe_reminder]In this segment of our interview with Mark Turner, he shares his views on the key issues manufacturers of silicon chips must consider as they plan for the next generation of immersive video technologies that will be integrated into consumer devices in the next few months and years.


Implications for silicon

If you are a silicon provider you manufacture systems on a chip for tv, or processors for devices, or graphical processor units for tvs, devices, tablets, pcs - whatever it might be.

Your challenge is that you are predicting now what will be in market in eighteen to twenty four months.  That is the lead time it takes to develop silicon and get it to market.

So you are constantly trying to predict what will be in pack fill for consumers

A question you ask yourself is "of the trends that I am seeing now, which will actually go mainstream in the next two years so that I need to have them on my chip now, because my customers are buying it now?

The good news is that High Dynamic Range, wider color gamuts, these are things that through any consumer research we have already done are incredibly impactful for consumers.

We are expecting that when they take off that they will take off fast.

Now the decision is which one shall I do? There are a bunch of different choices.

How do I balance the load on my silicon depending on which of these different technologies I should put on? Because what is applicable for a big screen tv is not the same as what is applicable for a tablet or a phone.

So how do you balance the resources of requirements you have on your chip versus all these great new innovations?

That is the big challenge that they have got right now.

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