February 07, 2017

MPC Claims Top Honors in Film and Advertising at VES Awards

MPC, a Technicolor company, dominates the VES Awards with five wins for The Jungle Book and “Buster the Boxer”.
  • MPC’s work on The Jungle Book has set the new standard for photo-real creatures and environments.
  • MPC Advertising brought nuanced emotions and lifelike play to its cast of creatures for John Lewis’ “Buster the Boxer.”

Technicolor's MPC took home a total of five awards for VFX in film and advertising at the 15th Annual Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards on February 7, including top honors in both categories. The VES Awards recognize outstanding visual effects artistry and innovation in film, animation, television, advertising, and video games across the globe.

In the film category, MPC won the night’s top prize for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photo-real Feature” and another for “Outstanding Effects Simulations in a Photo-real Feature.” Both awards were for their Oscar-nominated work on The Jungle Book, the newly-minted Disney classic directed by Jon Favreau. The team, led by VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez, built a complex photo-real world and stunning virtual CG environments. They brought the story’s iconic cast of animal characters to such realistic life that they blended seamlessly with the film’s one live actor. The film was finished and colored by Technicolor, making it an impressive team accomplishment.

On the advertising side, three wins came for MPC’s work on the John Lewis holiday ad “Buster the Boxer” (Dougal Wilson and Adam and Eve): “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial,” “Outstanding Compositing in a Photo-real Commercial,” and “Outstanding Animated Performance in a Commercial.” The project deepened MPC Advertising’s creature portfolio with a cast of enchanting suburban animals showing nuanced facial expressions and interacting in lifelike play.

Technicolor congratulates all of this year’s VES winners and nominees, including producer and Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso on receiving the VES Visionary Award!

Relive the magic behind Disney's The Jungle Book below!


Image © 2017 Walt Disney Studios 

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