December 13, 2012

Picture Day

Picture Day takes home top prize at Whistler Film Festival

Kate Melville’s Picture Day won the prestigious Borso Award at the 2012 Whistler Film Festival. The indie pic follows a rebellious teenager, played by Tatiana Maslany, who is caught between adolescence and adulthood as she repeats her last year of high school. Maslany, who plays alongside Steven McCarthy, won for best performance in the film.

“This year, we are delighted to recognize a filmmaker whose work is revelatory: universal in its specificity, soulful, heartfelt, raw, intelligent, profoundly human and so much fun!,” the Borsos jury said as it gave Melville the festival crown.

Technicolor Toronto provided numerous services for this award winning film, including final color with colorist Brett Trider, final packaging, DCP and deliverables.